Project Manager (R&D)

  • PM / Business Development
  • Jackson, United States

Project Manager (R&D)

Job description

We are looking for Project Managers to work on our Research and Development Engineering projects. The job is fast paced and involves all aspects of the project. You will be working with top engineers, customers and support people.

Project Managers / Business Development (PM/BD) fill an important role at SeaLandAire: they act as the glue between the internal technical team, internal company management team, and our customers.  They participate in the entire project life cycle, from planning a successful project roadmap during the proposal stage to final product transition.  PMs work closely with the lead Project Engineer (PE) throughout the project to make sure our development strategies are appropriate for the funding and timeline available, and that we have set helpful milestones to measure our progress. They communicate with the customer regularly and support the technical team in meeting contractual reporting requirements.  Project Managers are expected to apply Earned Value Management principles to ensure milestones are met, resource needs are forecast and addressed, and budgets are utilized in the most productive ways.  When plans need to be updated, the PM and PE would work together to come up with solutions and present options and/or a recommendation to the customer.  The Business Development role supports company level forecasting and business development strategies.


Candidates should have:

  • Experience with managing resource loading, project schedules, and project budgets
  • Good organization skills and attention to detail
  • Excellent communication skills
    • leading team meetings to review progress and check in on tasks
    • writing progress reports and gathering / formatting key inputs from engineering team 
  • Flexibility to handle small proof of concept projects up to large, multi-million dollar development programs
  • Awareness and ability to build and maintain trust in key relationships during the course of a project’s life-cycle (internally w/ Project Engineer & externally with customer)
  • Interest in solving problems with technology
  • High proficiency with MS Office tools (Word, PowerPoint, Excel); experience with MS Project also a plus

NOTE: Since a majority of SeaLandAire's business is funded by the US Department of Defense, applicants must be a "US Person" (US Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident).